Mixing station
Mixing station
It is used for the basic stable soil construction of high-grade highways, urban roads, squares and airports。It can continuously mix and produce two ash gravel, lime stabilized soil, industrial waste soil stabilized soil finished materials of different levels。Mixing station is subdivided into stable soil mixing station, water stable mixing station, asphalt mixing station, concrete mixing station and other categories。

Stabilized soil mixing station

Divided into mobile and fixed。Each bin of the mobile mixing station can be pulled and walked with tires, and the transfer is convenient and flexible, and the production capacity is low。Fixed stable soil mixing station, need to use concrete foundation, and then the equipment fixed on it, high production capacity。Stabilized soil mixing station is specially used for mixing stabilized soil and stable materials, mainly mixing lime, cement, fly ash and other binding materials with soil, gravel or other aggregates。

Water stabilized mixing station

Water stabilized mixing station is specially used to mix water stabilized materials, water stabilized materials are generally cement, fly ash, graded gravel。Stabilized soil material。

Asphalt mixing station

Asphalt mixing station is specially used to mix asphalt clinker, mainly mix asphalt (divided into modified asphalt, 90#, 70# asphalt, etc.), machine sand, gravel, river sand, polyester fiber, steel fiber, wood fiber and other raw materials composed of asphalt stabilized soil, asphalt stabilized soil is generally used for the middle and upper surface of the road。

Concrete mixing station

Concrete mixing station is specially used to make mixed concrete materials, such as shield auxiliary concrete mixing station, which mainly mixes additives, sand, cement, bentonite and so on。